40% Growth Predicted As Gluten Free Goes Mainstream

Bowman Ingredients is predicting 40% growth in gluten free production going into 2015, to meet increased demand from the UK foodservice sector.

UK-based Bowman Ingredients is well established as one of the world’s leading suppliers of gluten free crumb systems for the food processing industry. The food coatings specialist has been at the forefront of innovation in gluten free coatings and meat binders for over a decade.

Gluten free crumb systems already account for a significant share of the firm’s total breadcrumb business. Bowman Ingredients is forecasting that volumes will increase by up to 40% this year, as gluten free dishes become further established as part of the mainstream UK foodservice sector.

Bowman Ingredients Sales Director Richard Easey says: “We believe that demand for gluten free crumb systems will rise significantly in 2015. Many leading UK restaurant chains are continuing to expand their range of dishes without gluten and some have already introduced dedicated gluten free menus.”

Typical applications for Bowman Ingredients’ gluten free crumb systems include coatings for convenience foods such as fish, poultry and vegetables. Gluten free crumbs are also used as a binding and textural aid in meat products, such as burgers and sausages.

The gluten free category is continuing to see year-on-year growth in both the retail and foodservice sectors in the UK. Recent research shows the value of the UK gluten free market is set to rise to £250million by 2017.

Richard Easey adds: “Gluten free options will play an increasingly vital role in the future of the foodservice industry due to growing consumer demand. Approximately one in every 100 people in the UK suffers from coeliac disease. This is caused by a reaction to gluten, an allergen commonly found in wheat. Coupled with this, more and more health conscious consumers are making the lifestyle choice to reduce their wheat intake.”

Richard Easey adds: “We are committed to working alongside our customer base to develop innovative new gluten free products including crumb systems, batter mixes and binders to meet consumer demand, whilst ensuring there is no compromise on quality.”

Bowman Ingredients’ gluten free range is used to produce value-added food products for major food brands, retailers, restaurant chains and QSRs worldwide. The company supports many of the world’s leading retail and foodservice brands across manufacturing sites in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Thailand.