Coaching is Key to Business Success For Bowman Ingredients

Bowman Ingredients is investing in an innovative training programme to help staff develop coaching skills and boost business success.

The company is committed to developing a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Providing coaching skills training to staff is central to strengthening Bowman Ingredients’ competitive edge, maximising performance and increasing productivity.

Following a successful pilot scheme in 2017, a second coaching programme is now underway, taking the total number of participants from across all areas of the business to over 40. Participants range from Directors to Supervisors in departments including Operations, Technical, Sales, Research & Development, Human Resources and Finance.

The challenging 12-month programme consists of six half-day workshops on coaching skills involving learning to spot coaching opportunities, providing and receiving feedback, carrying out learning reviews and overcoming resistance. Delegates also complete reports on ongoing coaching practice and undertake a coaching project to improve a business issue.

Recognising that it takes time to embed learning and change, a second phase of the programme is underway involving coaching opportunities as well as regular observed coaching practice sessions.

Bowman Ingredients Louise Blade, HR manager, says: “As a management style, coaching is all about engaging with team members and helping to maximise productivity. It’s an effective way of unlocking potential, boosting performance and making a real difference to levels of personal fulfilment and motivation. Regular observed coaching practice with feedback from our peers is helping us to continue learning and further developing our skills”

A focus group is now being established to further integrate coaching within the day-to-day working practice of Bowman Ingredients. The company’s long term aim is create an internal resource of highly skilled and trained personnel to provide coaching to new employees and on request to all staff members.