Experts Reaffirm Gluten-Free Market Growth Across Europe

The gluten-free sector across Europe will see significant growth over the next four years, according to experts at a recent food industry conference.

Senior executives from Bowman Ingredients attended the Food & Drink Innovation Network (FDIN) event in October. The conference, entitled ‘Freefrom – Tapping into a Healthier Lifestyle’ featured presentations from leading authorities in food, nutrition and consumer research.

The FDIN event examined the growth of the gluten-free market in Europe in detail, highlighting buoyant activity in the UK, Spain, Germany and France. Food industry experts predicted that the UK’s gluten-free sector will grow by a further 50%, reaching an estimated value of £500million by 2019.

Bowman Ingredients Sales Director Richard Easey says: “This was an engaging conference with informative presentations from authoritative speakers. Overall, the event reaffirmed our belief that the gluten-free sector will see incredible growth on global scale over the next few years.”

As well as providing growth forecasts and current data for the gluten-free sector, conference speakers discussed current market trends. Presentation topics included; Nourishing the Gluten-Free Consumer and The Evolution of the Global Freefrom Market.

The conference also highlighted the growing importance of consumers in the 16-34 age group. This age category is currently driving growth in the Freefrom sector by making a higher number of purchases compared to older consumers.

Richard Easey adds: “Key data and information we obtain from industry conferences helps to inform the ongoing work of our New Product Development team. We are actively targeting consumers in the 16-34 age group by developing gluten-free products with new and alternative ingredients.”

Typical gluten-free product applications include crumb coatings and batter for convenience foods such as fish, poultry and vegetables. Gluten-free crumbs are also used as a binding and textural aid in meat products, such as burgers and sausages.

Bowman Ingredients has been at the forefront of innovation in gluten-free crumb systems and food coatings for over a decade, supplying products for the global food processing industry. The firm recently announced plans for a multi-million pound investment in the UK’s first dedicated production facility for gluten-free coating products.