Gluten-Free Range Launched To Meet ‘Clean Label’ Demand

Bowman Ingredients has developed a range of Gluten-Free (GF) food coatings and meat binders  to meet growing demand from major retailers for ‘clean label’ products.

The New Product Development team at the firm’s UK headquarters has developed a new range of GF red meat binders, crumb coatings and batters for fish and poultry. Bowman Ingredients has utilised innovative production technology and extensive knowledge to ensure these GF products have a short, simple ingredients list or ‘clean label’.

Bowman Ingredients Sales Director Richard Easey says: “Leading food brands and major retailers are currently driving the demand for clean label products in the Gluten-Free sector. The unique process we use in Gluten-Free crumb production eliminates the need for chemical additives and helps to ensure a clean label.”

In addition to the current drive for clean label products, recent industry debate has focussed on the high levels of sugar, fat and salt found in some GF food products. Bowman Ingredients says it is committed to supporting a global customer base of food processing firms by developing health conscious GF products, with no compromise on quality.

Richard Easey adds: “With 15 years’ experience in the GF sector, we are confident that through our comprehensive ingredients knowledge and unique production processes, we can achieve the high quality standards of non-GF coatings, whilst maintaining a health conscious, clean label declaration.”

Bowman Ingredients has been at the forefront of innovation in GF coatings for over a decade. Typical applications for GF crumb and batter systems include coatings for convenience foods such as fish, poultry and vegetables. Gluten-free crumbs are also used as a binding and textural aid in meat products, such as burgers and sausages.

Bowman Ingredients is a major player in the supply of gluten-free crumb systems and food coatings for the food processing industry worldwide. With its headquarters and two production facilities in Hertfordshire, Bowman Ingredients also has manufacturing sites in South Africa, Australia and Thailand.

Bowman Ingredients recently announced plans for a multi-million pound investment in the UK’s first dedicated production facility for gluten-free coating products. The purpose built plant will be the first of its kind in the UK to be dedicated solely to the development and production of gluten-free crumb systems.