2022 Delivery Targets for Procurement

  • All raw materials to be sustainably sourced.
  • Sustainable Spices Initiative.
  • Palm Oil removed.
  • Total energy consumption consideration of all new plant and equipment, e.g. production line, site services.
  • Driver behavioural standards tracked and shared using on board vehicle telemetry.
  • Investigate reduction in delivery miles using full or consolidated loads.
  • Zero Air Freight.

Our People

Have a Positive Impact on People in our Business and Communities

  • Engage with our people to develop a healthy workplace.
  • We actively support the wellbeing of all our employees.
  • Embrace a diverse workforce.
  • Our business supports our people to contribute to our communities.

2022 Delivery Targets for our people

  • Monthly briefings for all staff.
  • Employee forums and pulse surveys to obtain feedback.
  • Our facilities and operations cause no harm to people.
  • We contribute to the wellbeing of our employees (wellness programmes).
  • Workforce reflects the range of diversity of the communities in which we work .
  • 33% of our people engaged in volunteering activities.

Sustainability & Communication

Communication Strategies to keep our People Engaged

  • Staff awareness Programme linking to CO2 impact to everyday events, e.g. driving.
  • Governance of targets.

2022 Delivery Targets for sustainability & communication

  • Use monthly briefings and review TV screen options.
  • Awareness of CO2 impact of wasted energy.
  • 3x typical air leaks are equivalent to the CO2 emissions generated by a Ford Mondeo driving to Sydney Australia.
  • Quarterly, to monitor progress.
  • Annual review – sustainability is part of the business agenda.

Social Accountability & Staff Development

Working with our Staff and Suppliers to deliver Social Accountability

  • All BI UK sites to meet their social accountabilities.
  • Working with our key suppliers to meet all their social accountabilities.
  • Active development of Key staff.

2022 Delivery Targets for social accountability & staff development

  • All BI UK sites SEDEX approved.
  • 100% of key suppliers SEDEX approved.
  • Succession plans developed for all staff levels.
  • Key talent identified and developed.
  • All staff at and above supervisory level trained in IOSH Managing safely.
  • All operational staff trained to level 2 H&S and Food Hygiene.

Water & Environment

Saving Opportunities

  • Areas of water consumption.
  • Hand Wash & Toilets.
  • Boiler Make Up.
  • Cleaning Down.
  • Environmental management Policy.

2022 Delivery Targets for water & environment

  • Actions taken to reduce usage.
  • Reverse Osmosis unit on boiler make up water.
  • Reduces boiler blowdown from 15% to < 2%.
  • Attain EMS accreditation by 2020.


Waste Reduction Opportunities

  • Land fill waste:
  • Target year on year reductions.
  • Reduces boiler blowdown from 15% to < 2%.
  • War on Waste project.
  • Recycle:
  • Minimal waste to land fill occurs e.g. crumb to pig feed.
  • Investigate additional outlets for food waste disposal.
  • Further monitoring to track and then segregate all non food waste streams to maximise recycling e.g. plastic, cardboard.

2022 Delivery Targets for waste

  • Zero waste to land fill by 2022.
  • Map and minimise process waste.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce and implement.
  • Recycle 100% of all suitable material by 2022.