What we offer


  • Tempura
  • Adhesion
  • Potato coatings
  • Gluten free

The expert choice for batter coatings

Our heritage in the flour industry means we have batter coatings down to a fine art. We’re experts in crisp batter coatings for fish, seafood, poultry, plant-based and vegetable products, supplying them to leading Quick Service Restaurants, foodservice operators and retailers alike.

Adhesion for any substrate

Our range includes both light tempura and rustic topcoat batters, as well as adhesion batters to be paired with crumb coatings and flour breaders, developing and supplying the full coating system your product requires. Potatoes require their own specific batter mix coatings. We help transform the humble potato into French fries, chunky chips, wedges, hash browns, pops, waffles… and more.

The diner always in mind

Our expertise and world-class development kitchens mean we develop bespoke batter coatings to be their best the way they’ll be enjoyed. French fries that survive the drive home in the takeaway bag, chicken nuggets that turn beautifully crisp in the air fryer whilst staying juicy inside… these are the challenges we excel at.

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