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The History of Fish and Chips

Is there anything more quintessentially British than fish and chips? Despite a fighting challenge from chicken tikka masala, it’s fair to say it still holds the title of our national dish. In fact, according to data from The National Federation of Fish Friers in 2021, Brits munch their way through a whopping 167 million portions […]

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The Landscape of Gluten Free in 2024

The last two decades have seen the gluten-free market expand ever upwards within the UK food industry. What were once considered relatively niche or specialist goods are now mainstream, with restaurants providing clearly labelled options for gluten free diners, and a boom in products on supermarket shelves. Coeliac disease, wheat allergies and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity […]


Consumer Insights: Who is the Coated Chicken Customer?

Understanding the end consumer is crucial when developing any new product, that’s why we carried out our own consumer research to better understand the drivers behind the purchase of breaded and battered chicken products. Here are the results… A weekday dinner staple While our panel was selected for their predilection for purchasing coated chicken, our […]


Solina UK host a first-of-its-kind “Summer Grill Inspiration Day”!

After a whirlwind culinary tour of the United States, chefs from Solina UK, “a leading global partner to the food industry”, assembled for a first-of-its-kind “Summer Grill Inspiration Day” held at The Stables, Manchester on 23rd and 25th May 2023. Solina is comprised of some of the UK’s most trusted food manufacturers; Essential Cuisine, Bowman […]

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