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Complete crumb coating systems

Building on our heritage as flour millers, breadcrumbs are a huge cornerstone of our success, bought by the tonne by leading food brands and food processors for major retailers, restaurant chains and quick service restaurants. Fish fingers, chicken burgers, plant-based bites… all are transformed by our perfectly crisp and crunchy golden crumb. We supply the full coating system, so if you need an adhesion batter to work perfectly with your crumb coating, we will develop that too.

Quality and consistency you can count on

Our crumb production process allows us to precisely and consistently control the texture and appearance of our breadcrumbs. Whether you want a fine extruded crumb / sheeted crumb on the orange side of the colour spectrum, a classic sliver-shaped, light-coloured panko or something more rustic and golden brown, our NPD department will work to deliver the exact finish you seek. Breadcrumbs are the perfect way to add flavour as well as crunch: Southern Fried seasoning, lemon and black pepper, Italian herbs… talk to our team about your vision.

Gluten-free breadcrumbs

In addition to wheat-based coatings, we produce a wide range of gluten free crumb systems. We also supply breadcrumb and gluten free crumb systems for use as a filler or binding agent in processed meat products, such as burgers and sausages.

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