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  • Crumb breaders
  • Flour breaders
  • Homestyle
  • Gluten free

Breader coatings for fried chicken

Breaded fried chicken is a much-loved staple in QSR and getting the coating right is absolutely key. Whether for whole chicken pieces like wings, drumsticks, mini fillets and thighs or formed shapes such as nuggets, goujons and popcorn chicken, the breaded coating adds flavour, texture and seals in the juiciness.

Rustic homestyle breading

Rustic homestyle breader coatings continue to be incredibly popular and are a fantastic way to add value to your next retail or restaurant product. Be it chicken, fish or plant-based – the more rustic and flaky the better! These flour-breadcrumb mix coatings are also the perfect way to get lots of flavour into your product – talk to us about bespoke seasoning blends.

Absolute adhesion

Whether for the foodservice fryer, or the home oven or air fryer, our scientific knowledge and leading technology can ensure the finished product stays brilliantly intact through the cooking process of choice. In our state-of-the-art development kitchen, we can replicate your cooking environment and test and refine to perfection.

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