Ana Duta – Demand Planner

Ana has had a varied career with us since she joined us 5 years ago. We find out a little more about her career path and the opportunities that have arisen.

How long have you been part of the Bowman Ingredients team?

Almost 5 years ago, in April 2018, I joined Bowman Ingredients as a Customer Services Administrator and ever since I have managed the very same team, created a new Import – Export department and prepared the branches in the UK and Poland for Brexit.

Prior to moving in the UK, I was a Customer Services Manager in Travel so I had to learn everything about manufacturing and supply chain but I enjoyed every day. I remember to this day how my first manager at Bowman, Toni, talked to me about the fortification in flour legislation. Being incredibly open to learn and acquire new information in every domain, I have quickly become the main point of contact for Export and Customer Services. In 2021 I was one of the few Export Managers in the country to have organised the EU operations without paid consultancy. Ever since Brexit stabilised and my team was independent, I focused on Supply Chain, the aspect that opened the door to my current challenge.

What does a typical day in your role look like?

I am now the Business Demand Planner and my role is to anticipate the future demand and pencil recommendations to the Leadership team. My typical day shifted from being in the centre of a team to being between data and several teams. I work closely with many Heads of departments and also the Sales team. I still keep in touch with key customers to remain up to date on how their operation can impact ours.

What do you love most about your role?

My role is a strategic one for us, our customers but also our suppliers. No day is like yesterday and I am always dealing with new challenges. If I were to pick only one thing that I love the most about being the Demand Planner of Bowman Ingredients, it would be that I learn new things every day.

What Bowman Ingredients moment will you always remember?

In October 2018 I had been with the company for less than 6 months when my mother had some impacting health issues that required her to have a chaperone to several appointments. Being an immigrant, I was her only next of kin. The Business has been incredibly supportive and I had all the time off I needed for both my mother’s appointments but also to rest. This is one of the main reasons why I love being part of the great Bowman Ingredients family 😊

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