The History of Fish and Chips

Is there anything more quintessentially British than fish and chips? Despite a fighting challenge from chicken tikka masala, it’s fair to say it still holds the title of our national dish. In fact, according to data from The National Federation of Fish Friers in 2021, Brits munch their way through a whopping 167 million portions […]


Cell-based meat – the future?

Whether it’s referred to as cell-based meat, clean meat, lab grown meat, alternative protein or cultured meat, one’s thing’s for sure – the food industry cannot stop talking about it right now. Key players in the industry are attracting huge swathes of investment from companies seeking to get in early on something that has the […]


Sweet Plus Umami – The Next Great Flavour Sensation

Sweet plus Umami – the next great flavour sensation It’s no secret that we humans have a sweet tooth, but it’s been some time now since sweetness as a flavour was something solely reserved for dessert. A little sugar (or other sweetness-imparting ingredients) can enhance the flavours of many a savoury dish, but now our […]

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